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Fading Puppy Support

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Dogzymes Fading Puppy Support (4 Ounce) is a special blend that contains our electrolytes, glucose, strategically targeted proteins to support immune function, along with probiotic bacteria and enzymes to establish critical gut function in weak puppies, all in one concentrated powder.  Use as needed with weak or fading puppies.  This is to boost the systems that are failing in a fading puppy.  Glucose for strength, electrolytes to rehydrate and probiotics/enzymes to restore a failing GI tract, as well as nutrients for survival. 

Not to be used as a milk replacer, but to help restore function and strength to get a puppy nursing again with mother's milk or Puppy Bac Milk Replacer.  It is our experience that fading puppies often respond quickly to probiotic treatment, and Fading Puppy Support is our emergency probiotic enhanced with critical added support for failing systems.  Use until improved and normal again.  Fading Puppy Support is a valuable tool for using in sick and weakened and critically ill adult dogs.