• Puppy Naturals - A Healthy Nutritional Formula for Growing Puppies (For All Breeds).


    • VITAMINS & NUTRIENTS NEEDED BY YOUR PUPPY - Formulated specifically for growing healthy puppies. With over 23 + key nutrients & 18 BCAA's Muscle Bully Puppy Naturals helps support skin, coat, eyes, nails, immune system and overall health. Each scoop also contains 32% protein for muscle growth in addition to 40% healthy fats to help pack on healthy weight during this growth stage.
    • PUPPIES LOVE THE TASTE! - Puppy Naturals is formulated for all breeds of puppies up to 1 years old. Also great for nursing mothers. Puppy Naturals is veterinarian formulated and made in the USA.
    • GREAT FOR PICKY EATERS - Is your puppy a picky eater? Puppy Naturals smells and taste great helping those picky eaters eat more while also supplying their body with essential vitamins and nutrients they need.
    • UNDERWEIGHT PUNEY PUPS? With 40% healthy fats per scoop, Puppy Naturals is perfect to underweight, underdeveloped or malnourished pups to help increase weight, mass and size quickly helping them catch up to the litter.