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  • K-9 Artificial Insemination (AI ) -Canine Reusable AI Kit for Dog Breedings

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    This kit mimics a dogs knot (natural process of breeding). Once you have collected from your male and ready to do your AI and have your collection in the syringe, You insert this deflated tool then take the pump. Pump up to mimic a dogs knot and it is locked. Then, you insert the collection with the syringe in the hole at the end.  Once you push it through with the syringe, you syringe 10 cc of air afterwards to push it all way through.  

    Next, you leave the tool inflated for 10 mins (as if you were doing a normal AI. You do not have to hold them up with this tool because the inflated knot mimics dog knot).

    After 10 min, deflate and you're all done.

    To clean and kill germs from doing the AI. you can clean with hot water.  Run 20 cc of Sterile water through the  inside of tool with a syringe and then regular water after.  This cleans if for next use.