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    SBK'S H2O GOLD is truly in a class of it's own. The vitamin loaded formula can be mixed in water and served in a bowl as is, the recommended dosage can be pulled up in a syringe and administered in that fashion, and it can also be mixed ??? in kibble, stirred thoroughly, and served. SBK'S H2O GOLD is virtually flavorless and has a sweet aroma that dogs can't resist. It is a perfect supplement for experienced breeders, working class dogs of all breeds, or common household pets. It can be used as a daily multi-vitamin. SBK'S H2O GOLD is much more than a multivitamin. It is a product that was designed to help active animals regain hydration and to help sick dogs recover from parvo virus, distemper, severe emaciation, and dehydration. SBK'S H2O GOLD also contains protein in it's base which increases the dog's odds of a full recovery even more. It is safe for all breeds and age groups. ???IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE WITH PREGNANT OR LACTATING FEMALES. ???It is our extreme pleasure to introduce this product to our GOLD LINE lineup. Being in the supplement industry and dealing with so multiple dogs on many different levels we felt SBK'S H2O GOLD would be necessary and beneficial for our customer base. With our current products on the market we have definitely improved the lives of many of our customers' dogs. We are hoping to take it a step further with this product in more extreme cases. With that being said, if your dog has a serious illness we do recommend that you seek vet attention immediately. If while using the product the situation worsens please consult with the vet of your choice. We appreciate every one of our customers and truly value your business here at BULLYKAMP PRODUCTS LLC.